How to Organize a Sales Blitz

Despite the growing disdain for walk-in-the-door cold calling, there are plenty of high activity sales companies (even industries) that conduct sales blitzes to generate a wave of fresh leads for their new business developers.

sales blitzWhen my expectations are reasonable, I’ve had excellent results with sales blitzes when working in the first aid and safety service business and in the uniform industry. These are both high-activity industries.

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Teams. I’ve brought as many as 8-10 people in for a sales blitz focused on one individual’s sales territory. The 8-10 are paired up into teams (usually a senior sales professional with a newer one), and at the kick-off meeting early in the morning we announce the teams and they give themselves a fun name. Each team gets a binder with the next two helpful aids.

Maps & Lists. Each team receives a map of their sales blitz area. Sure, they may know the area, but you want to avoid overlap as much as possible. The teams also receive hard copy lists of existing customers, so no calls are made on them. And each of the other teams’ pairing and cell phone numbers are included.

Goals & Tracking. Each team also commits to a minimum number of total calls, good leads, and hot leads. Since the meeting ends at 7:45 am and the recap meeting is held at 4:30 pm, a good number of calls for my industries has always been around 50. Some kill that number, some miss it by a bit. As for tracking, each team fills out a lead sheet for every company they call on, even the poor leads, so a history can be generated in the host rep’s database.

Check-in Phone Calls. The fun comes when teams check in to find out how the other teams are doing in terms of number of calls and, most importantly, one-call closes. As the day progresses, they start calling each other directly. This is where the competitive side of your salespeople starts making things interesting.

Recap Meeting. You’ve got to have a recap meeting. Each time has to be held accountable for their efforts for the day. They should report their number of total calls, hot leads, good leads, and a couple highlights of the day. We have also given each participant a token of our appreciation for participating, and the winning team (most calls or most sales generated from one-call closes) wins a prize.

Good luck with yours.

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