How You Can Sell More by Doing Less

The one thing I did in 2007 to improve my results was delegate.

Improving Your Sales Results by DelegatingOffloading the tasks you’re either not best suited for, don’t like, or aren’t good at is increasingly preached from the four corners of the consulting world.

Instead of working on your weaknesses, you’re hearing more and more about the importance of focusing on your strengths.

So I gave that a whirl…

I delegated assignments my team was a better fit to take on.

I pushed back on tasks that would have taken me longer — and produced less reliable work — than if someone else had done them.

I said no to a some new and ongoing projects that would only have zapped my attention and caused me to lose focus.

I even asked prospects and customers to do more this year at the conclusion of sales appointments — testing their commitment and keeping the relationship on equal ground.

Every time I did these things, I enjoyed not only the short-term productivity boost from taking control of my time better, I felt energized — I was zeroing in on my priorities, goals and objectives and strengthening my team members’ self-reliance.

And I’m happy to say that 2007 produced above-average results and increased quality of life, amidst a sea of personal and business change.

This post is part of a series focusing on One Thing people did in 2007 to significantly improve their sales results.

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